Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis in Python.


Status Beta
Role Maintainer
Duration ongoing

Pymrio: Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis in Python. Documentation Status

Pymrio is an open source tool for analysing global environmentally extended multi-regional input-output tables (EE MRIOs). Pymrio aims to provide a high-level abstraction layer for global EE MRIO databases in order to simplify common EE MRIO data tasks. Pymrio includes automatic download functions and parsers for available EE MRIO databases like EXIOBASE, WIOD and EORA26. It automatically checks parsed EE MRIOs for missing data necessary for calculating standard EE MRIO accounts (such as footprint, territorial, impacts embodied in trade) and calculates all missing tables. Various data report and visualization methods help to explore the dataset by comparing the different accounts across countries.

Further functions include:

  • analysis methods to identify where certain impacts occur

  • modifying region/sector classification

  • restructuring extensions

  • export to various formats

  • visualization routines and

  • automated report generation


  • Pymrio - multi regional input output analysis in Python


    Seventh European Conference on Python in Science (EuroScipy 2014)


    27-30 August 2014


    Cambridge, UK